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Summary and Wrap-Up of the Blog on DokuWiki

February 22, 2010

The Library Wiki has proved to be quite useful for me as the Systems Librarian and I’ve posted enough content for problem solving that it’s turning into a useful tool for the library staff. As we’re transitioning away from the free hosting we used initially for the wiki, I decided to review a few experiments I did.  The blog plugin for DokuWiki works, but it does not have enough features, nor is it easy to use. I had to do some extensive configuration with the RSS feeds to make them display properly . With the wiki now hosted on the Library Server and Gerry blogging on, I decided to move to this easier-to-use platform as well.

This post will serve as a collection of the important links and other items we featured on the Wiki, with links to it’s new location. At present, you can only access the wiki from on-campus.

In November we featured the Google Scholar How-To, the Newspapers page and a couple of Systems Planning Documents.

Systems Map

Database Coverage

We did a little work with Google Wave which is now featured in the playground. You’ll need a Google Wave invite to try it out, I have about 3 left as of the 22 Feb.

In December, we featured the LibX Library Search Bar which is now at Version 2. A new version will be released shortly, once we have EZproxy (off campus access) working. I featured a quick tip for making long websites easier to read, the Readability Bookmarklet. We also released our first library video, a walk through of Library Press Display.

CNAQ Library Press Display Part 1 from CNAQ Library on Vimeo.

The second video followed shortly

CNAQ Library Press Display Part 2 from CNAQ Library on Vimeo.

The most recent update is the mobile device page which collects what we know about mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) compatibility with the library.

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