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Featured Electronic Resource – Visual Thesaurus

June 14, 2010

The Visual Thesaurus is a unique database we have at the library.

This database creates word maps based on the terms you enter, gives you antonyms, synonyms, multiple definitions, and a vocal pronunciation example.

The Visual Thesaurus has some features that are helpful for teachers and for classroom use.

You can create your own spelling bees using the Spelling Bee Creator. You can share these with the community and use them for your class. You’ll find many preexisting spelling bees all ready for you to use.

You can also jump in the ongoing spelling bee, but ‘bee’ warned… the competition is fierce.

Another cool feature is the VocabGrabber. All you have to do is copy and paste text into the box. VocabGrabber will sort the words, and pull out a list of interesting vocabulary words, allowing you to create an edit a word list. There is also a bookmarklet you can use in Internet Explorer to send any page to the Vocab Grabber.

To use these features, you’ll need a personal account. While you’re on campus, you can sign up for one. Our custom URL to sign in to Visual Thesaurus is

Teachers: If you’d like more control and the ability to create and assign accounts for your students, send us an email at or contact one of the librarians.

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