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Answers on Twitter

February 28, 2011

On the go?  Need a question answered?  Use Twitter on your Mobile to ask a question of the CNA-Q library staff!

Tweet or DM your question (140 characters, no more!) to us @cnaq_library.  The question will be directed to our LibAnswers site and answered by a Librarian.  That’s all there is to it!

New to Twitter?

For information on how to set-up a Twitter account, visit

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CNA-Q Library – Library Guides

December 13, 2010

The Library has put together a large collection of guides to help you with research in the library. You can find all of the library guides at

You can find help with research on the subject guides for Students and Faculty.

Subject Guides Students

Subject Guides Faculty

Entrepreneurship & Small Business

You can get access to all of our electronic journals and databases, including Newspapers.

Electronic Journals and Databases


We have how-to guides for using the catalog, and some library tools to help you complete your research.

Library How-To

Library Tools

We even have a set of assignments to help with information literacy. For more help with these assignments contact Gerry McCrae.

Information Literacy Handouts

If you have any questions, just ask!


Vocaroo – A quick, simple voice recorder

November 22, 2010

Vocaroo is a extremely simple voice recorder. You can download, link to and use your recording.

If all you need is a quick way to record students speaking or for an exercise, you can’t go wrong with such a simple website.

via Free Technology for Teachers

Free Technology for Teachers – Virtual Cell Animations

November 4, 2010


CNA-Q is an institution that spends a lot of time and effort on ESL instruction.  Visuals are a huge help in the classroom for increasing comprehension among all students. These cell animations  from North Dakota State University are very well put together and cover a wide range of biological processes.

Free Technology for Teachers: Virtual Cell Animations.



November 1, 2010

If you’re looking for an article of the specific length for your students to read in class, take a look at the Longreads website. Longreads is an archive of articles of various lengths from all over the web. You can choose an article to be read in 15 min. or up to an hour. Longteads collects the best of the web and organizes it in a way that is very helpful for picking out the perfect length of article for your class.

The Internet Archive Bookreader

October 25, 2010

The Internet Archive is  the largest colelctions of electronic texts ever assembled, and may be the largest collection of texts ever assembled. This archive includes the web, books from Google Books and other scanning projects.

If you are looking for a rare, historical, old or unusual source the Internet Archive is a good place to look.

Recently the Internet Archive and the Open Library have collaborated to bring out a simple, useful interface for reading ebooks online. The Open Library Bookreader is a simple interface for reading ebooks and seeing the pages as they were printed.

To read a book using the BookReader, you can simply find a book on the Internet Archive or through the Open Library. Click on the Read Online option and the book will open in the BookReader














This interface looks good on your computer monitor, but it looks amazing on tablets like Apple’s iPad.

The OpenLibrary Bookreader is open source software. It can be downloaded and used to read books from the Internet Archive as well as other texts.

Question of the Day – Ebooks

September 22, 2010

Can I use the library ebooks on my iPad/Kindle/Sony Reader?

Yes, if it has access to the internet.

You can access all of the library material through almost any device that can get on the internet.

You can find links to all of our ebook providers at the Electronic Journals & Databases page, or you can access them through the FALCON Catalog.

I’ve opened up all of these sites on my iPod Touch. The websites are not friendly to mobile devices, but they are usable.

Our major technology project at the Library this year is to provide a mobile website and catalog that can be used from iPhones, Blackberrys, Android phones and any other devices that staff or students may have. We’re still in early testing phases right now, for an example try the Ebsco Mobile Interface with your smartphone, ereader or tablet computer.

Is there a Library app to download and read ebooks offline?

No. The only way to access library ebooks is by using the website.

I would love to see this happen, however our current ebook suppliers don’t offer downloadable ebooks.

What books can I access from the library catalog?

All of the records for ebrary, Safari Books, Gale Virtual Reference and Creedo Reference have been added to the FALCON catalog.

CRCnetBASE records have not been added at this time, we are working with the publisher to correct some errors on their end. To find CRCnetBASE books,  you can use the Database Search.

If anyone would like more detailed information on using the Library ebooks, or would like to chat about using ebooks, please email me at brett.williams[-at-] or call me at my office phone (2048).